By means of a flexible joining strip, multiple light guides from the 1265 series are combined in a 5.08mm grid, which makes a quick and simple rear mounting possible. Essentially, this system almost equalises tolerances in the pitch of the front panel holes. The advantage of mounting from the rear of the panel is that all of the light guide head is directly illuminated and this produces a markedly superior lighting effect. Mechanical fixing is achieved via the radial compression of slightly over-sized rings moulded into the light guide body. The minimum recommended thickness of the front panel is 1.5mm.

As well as the standard (10 column/10 element) stocked part numbers, custom versions with different Dimensions A & B can be provided. For custom versions it is possible to “mix and match” between 2 and 10 different variations of light guides from the 1256 series. Versions using a special diffusing material to produce a frosted effect are available, as is self-colouring of the light guides. The latter allows the potential illuminated colour to be shown even when the LED is in an "off" status.
Spherical Head - 10 Elements
A B Ø C Recommended LEDs Part No
5 2.9 3 ±0.02 L1-L12 1265.0001
45 2.9 3 ±0.02 L1-L12 1265.0002
Planar Head - 10 Elements
A B Ø C Recommended LEDs Part No
5 1.5 3 ±0.02 L1-L12 1265.0003
45 1.5 3 ±0.02 L1-L12 1265.0004
  • General Remarks and Technical Data - Spherical and Planar Heads
  • General Remarks
  • Technical LED Data
  • Material: PC Clear UL94
  • Thickness of Front Panel: ≥1.5mm
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +50°C
  • ESD Protection: <4kV

The following applies to both Spherical and Planar Heads:

A min = 2.5mm
A max = 45.0mm
B min = 1.5mm
B max = 5.0mm

Minimum quantity for both Spherical and Planar Displays with 2-9 Elements = 1,000 pcs