MENTOR / Multitron Coronavirus Health & Safety Policy

These are challenging times and the Coronavirus crisis affects all of us in different ways. In order to address these challenges in the best possible way, MENTOR have decided to take the following measures:

MENTOR are limiting personal contacts as far as possible, making use of digital communication, empowering employees to work remotely, and extending our daily operational hours from 05:00 am to 10:00 pm Mon- Thu. Friday was always a half day but for the duration, MENTOR (not Multitron) will close on Fridays. This does not result in less pay for MENTOR employees.

In this way, MENTOR attempts to ensure employees', customers' and partners' health and safety, and also live up to social responsibilities by providing the means and time for those who are taking care of children and elderly people. At the same time, it is of equal importance to ensure MENTOR's operational level, thus keeping the economic consequences for all parties involved as low as possible.

MENTOR’s Management and Quality Systems meet International Standards including DIN EN ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 and DIN EN ISO 14001, are compliant with the applicable EU directives - for further details of the Certifications Click Here

For a full copy of MENTOR’s Statement on the Implementation of REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation of Chemicals) Click Here

All MENTOR products are compliant with the applicable CE directives, produced in compliance with 2002/95/EC and the extended RoHS II – for more details Click Here

MENTOR Code of Conduct

MENTOR Code of Conduct

MENTOR’s Code of Conduct defines the requirements for MENTOR as a Company and for its Partners, concerning responsibility towards humans and the environment. For a full copy of MENTOR’s Code of Conduct Click Here

MENTOR Code of Conduct

MENTOR Corporate Policy

MENTOR’s Corporate Policy defines Basic Values and Guidelines, plus a statement of the Company’s Sustainability Policy. For a full copy of MENTOR’s Corporate Policy Click Here

For General Technical Information relating to MENTOR’s various product ranges, including how to install their SMD components and front panel ‘FEL’ elements Click Here

The recommended LEDs for MENTOR’s LIGHT GUIDES are listed here
The recommended LEDs for MENTOR’s KEYPAD COMPONENTS are listed here
For a full list of recommended LEDs to be used with MENTOR product ranges Click Here

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