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SMD Tactile Switches for use with MENTOR’s ranges of Switch Caps

Any SMD switch from MENTOR's 1254 Series can be combined with the majority of MENTOR Switch Cap families to produce individual operator keypads. The cap is mounted by simply push-fitting it onto the switch button. The only exception is MENTOR’s family of Low-Profile Switch Caps which are designed to be used with Micon 5 Pushbutton Switches and Inovan Snap Dome Switches.

MENTOR’s SMD tactile switches offer four actuating forces and high reliability

The square switch heads, which the caps are mounted onto, measure 6.2x6.2mm with a total height of 7.3mm. The SMD switch range includes four different actuating forces to provide the choice of sensitivity to suit the specific application. Depending on the choice of switch, a reliability of up to 1 million switching cycles is offered.

Suitable for automated assembly

MENTOR’s SMD Tactile Switches are supplied in rolls of 700 for automated assembly and can be soldered without the use of lead to comply with RoHS Directives.

General Technical Data
Packaging: Tape and Reel packed to DIN EN 60286-3 Insulation resistance: > 108Ω
Standard Plastic Reel: Mainly Ø330mm| 700 pieces per reel | K0=7.6 W=24 P1=16 Volume resistance: < 100mΩ
Operating current: ≤ 50mA Soldering performance: 255°C 5s - Details on request
Rated voltage: ≤ 12V = Hub: 0.25mm +0.2/-0.1
Operating temperature: -25°C and +70°C  
SMD switch button
Colour of the actuator Operation force [N] Cycles Part No
  Brown 1.6 1,000,000 1254.1007
  Red 2.6 500,000 1254.1107
  Orange 3.2 300,000 1254.1207
  Yellow 5.2 300,000 1254.1307
SMD Tactile Switches dimensions diagram
SMD Tactile Switches
Quad Status Indicator 0.2mm Part Nos in bold font are available ex-stock with a low MOQ - please hover over Part No to see details