This new collection of innovative rear-mounted light guides is an exciting addition to MENTOR’s range of panel-mounted light guides. Conventional front-mounted light guides will by definition always have heads slightly larger than the enclosure’s hole, which results in not all of the head being directly illuminated by the LED. The advantage of mounting from the rear of the panel is that all of the light guide head is directly illuminated and this produces a markedly superior lighting effect. Mechanical fixing is achieved via the radial compression of slightly over-sized rings moulded into the light guide body. The minimum recommended thickness of the front panel is 1.5mm.

As well as the standard stocked part numbers, custom versions with different Dimensions A & B can be provided. Versions using a special diffusing material to produce a frosted effect are available, as is self-colouring of the light guides. The latter allows the potential illuminated colour to be shown even when the LED is in an "off" status. Multiple array versions of these light guides have also been introduced.
Spherical Head
A B Ø C Recommended LEDs Part No
5 2.9 3 ±0.02 L1-L12 1265.1001
45 2.9 3 ±0.02 L1-L12 1265.1002

A min = 2.5mm
A max = 45.0mm
B min = 1.5mm
B max = 5.0mm
Planar Head
A B Ø C Recommended LEDs Part No
5 1.5 3 ±0.02 L1-L12 1265.2001
45 1.5 3 ±0.02 L1-L12 1265.2002
15.9 2.3 3 ±0.02 L1-L12 1265.2003
9.3 2.5 3 ±0.02 L1-L12 1265.2004
9.5 2.5 3 ±0.02 L1-L12 1265.2005
Front panel rear mounting light guide layout
Front panel rear mounting light guide layout - spherical
Front panel rear mounting light guide layout - Planar
  • General Remarks and Technical Data for both types
  • General Remarks
  • Technical LED Data
  • Material: PC Clear UL94
  • Thickness of Front Panel: ≥1.5mm
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +50°C
  • ESD Protection: <4kV