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Thin, flexible and homogeneous lighting over great lengths as well as within small bend radii - that's M-Fibre, MENTOR's new side-light fibre system. The system consists of compact, high-performance LED modules, matching LED drivers and fibre bundles of different lengths.

The end-result is premium line lighting or ambience lighting, adding functional and aesthetic value to your product. The system's flexibility, tool-free technology, low initial cost and rapid development time complement the many benefits M-Fibre will bring to your product.

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Custom Solutions

If your application has very specific requirements, we will work hand-in-hand with MENTOR's light development team to design and manufacture a custom-made solution for your product.

Features & Benefits

M-Fibre Cable

Product Overview

homogeneous light with a radiation angle of 360°

M-Fibre side light fibres are thin and flexible and provide homogeneous light with a radiation angle of 360°, without visible colour deviation even in tight radii. This is achieved by "activating" PMMA plastic optical fibres ie by providing them with individual light-emitting surface structures. The fibres are then bundled together and placed in a diffuse sheath.

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Application Examples

Road Safety Lighting

Illuminated Safety Cones

As a safety feature, M-Fibre has been incorporated into the design of hazard warning cones.

Safety Lighting

The Light-Up Lifebelt - Lighting Saves Lives

The positioning of light fibres on both sides of a lifebelt guarantees maximum visibility, whichever way up it lands in the water.

Luggage Lighting

Smart Luggage

Light-up luggage is much easier to recognise on an airport carousel. The M-Fibre lighting can show whether the case has been “forgotten” or stolen.

M-Fibre Furniture Feature Lighting


The M-Fibre light-emitting component “moves” to a degree when the chair is used. Combined with the enormous potential for customisation of RGB LEDs, M-Fibre can showcase upholstered furniture in a unique way, creating a mood or ambience.

Furniture Safety Lighting

Speaker and Smoke Alarm Alerts

M-Fibre can add an extra communication component cost-effectively. For example, users who are deaf or hard of hearing, can gain direct information from the use of lighting. Information such as the temperature, and battery level can also be communicated.

Handle Feature Lighting

Handle Feature Lighting

Door handles directly and indirectly lit by M-Fibre, providing a design accent combined with ease of location.

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