Examples of MENTOR’s plastic knobs

Versatile Plastic Knobs

MENTOR’s plastic control knobs are cost-effective and versatile. Produced from ABS or PBT, these control knobs are robust and easy to install, with a choice of collet or set screw fixing. The plastic range includes wing knobs, pointer knobs and turning knobs with pointers plus modular plastic knob systems. Many products are available off the shelf with short delivery times and low MOQs.

Easily Customisable Plastic Knob Systems

Utilising complementary parts, MENTOR’s plastic control knob systems can be configured to suit a range of applications. The knob system allows knobs to be customised, for instance, with a different pointer dial or cap colour. Custom dimensions and shapes are available on standard components. Ask Multitron about creative LED lighting or any custom changes you would like to make to MENTOR’s plastic control knobs. See also MENTOR's range of Digital, Analogue and Locking Knobs in plastic.

Custom Knob Lighting

Custom LED Indicator Lighting for Plastic Knobs

The image demonstrates two prototype plastic knobs with integral LED lighting, providing rotational indication. The knob on the left has an illuminated indicator line and the other knob features an illuminated spot indicator.

Please contact Multitron to discuss how custom plastic knobs with LED indicator lighting can be used in your application.

Modular Plastic Knob Systems

Matt Plastic System
Gloss Plastic System
Grip Ring System

Plastic Matt Finish System

The Matt Finish Knob System offers great flexibility with a huge selection of pointers, pointer dials, nut covers etc.

Matt Plastic Knob System

Plastic Gloss Finish System

The Gloss Finish Knob System includes a huge selection of accessories including pointers, pointer dials, nut covers etc.

Gloss Plastic Knob System

Plastic Grip-Ring System

The Grip-Ring Knob System is complemented by accessories including pointers, pointer dials, nut covers etc.

Grip-Ring Knob System

Plastic Control Knob Ranges

Plastic Turning Knobs
Plastic Wing Knobs

Plastic Turning Knobs with Pointers

MENTOR’s plastic turning knobs with and without collars and a choice of six coloured caps. The range features pointers and collet or set screw fixings.

Plastic Pointers Knobs

Plastic Wing, Pointer & Adjusting Knobs

MENTOR offer many plastic wing knobs, pointer knobs and adjusting knobs with a choice of coloured caps and collet and set screw fixings.

Wing, Pointer and Adjusting Knobs