Multitron’s management has a 17 year history of representing MENTOR to both UK and multi-national OEMs as well as to global distributors. It is our experience that whatever the size of project, MENTOR is a joy to work with. If MENTOR’s lead time is six weeks and we ask for five, the answer will invariably be “Nein but we shall try”! We often receive delivery within four weeks and only very rarely does a promised delivery date slip; MENTOR’s culture is to never over-promise and then under-deliver.
It is impossible to avert minor problems in a manufacturing environment, yet with MENTOR these are few and far between. When they do occur, problems are handled in an exemplary fashion.

Since its inception in January 2012, Multitron has shipped millions of MENTOR parts but has never had one quality return. Our supplier assessment scores are regularly in the 99%-100% bracket.
Whilst large Blue Chip manufacturers certainly feature in MENTOR and Multitron’s customer lists, the requirements of such companies are often very specialised. We actively welcome enquiries about custom components from smaller companies; these often help us to understand the current needs of our core customer base and by cooperating on a project, it is often possible for both the customer and MENTOR to gain learning as well as deliver a solution to a specific need.
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