A Design Engineer’s Guide to MENTOR's wide range of Control Knobs

MENTOR Plastic Knobs


MENTOR is a world leading manufacturer of high quality electronic control knobs. Their wide range of standard control knobs offers stylish and ergonomic solutions for any application, with many available off-the-shelf with short delivery times and low MOQs. Customisation options can include shape, colour, radii and dimensions.

Wide Range of Control Knobs Variants

An electronic knob may have to perform many challenging tasks including turning, pushing, adjusting, controlling and displaying. Depending on the instrument or application, there are design, temperature-resistance and weather-resistance requirements to consider, along with ease-of-installation and cost-effectiveness.

As well as knobs made of plastic, aluminium and chromed brass, a range of material options and fixings are available, for example different plastics, with a choice of collet or set screw fixings. In addition to MENTOR’s standard ranges, their modular Knob Systems can be fully utilised to provide the level of customisation required by the application.

Control Knobs Samples Available

It is difficult to articulate or illustrate on a web page how the high quality finish and tactile qualities of German-manufactured MENTOR knobs can transform users’ perception of a product. Please contact Multitron to request samples, so you can judge this subjective issue for yourself.

Custom Control Knob Solutions

Implementing customised solutions is one of MENTOR's core competencies. Experienced product developers will work with you to find the best engineering solution combined with cost-effectiveness.

Custom control knob with indicator lighting

Custom LED Indicator Lighting

The image shows two prototypes -electronic knobs with integral LED lighting to provide rotational indication. One knob has an illuminated indicator line and the other knob demonstrates an illuminated spot indicator.

Please contact Multitron to discuss how custom indicator lighting can be used in your application.


Link to MENTOR's Plastic Equipment Knobs


MENTOR plastic turning knobs are manufactured from ABS or PBT, with a choice of collet or set screw fixing.

Link to Plastic Equipment Knobs

Link to MENTOR’s aluminium and chrome knobs


MENTOR's Aluminium Knobs are stylish and versatile, with many design options. Plus two ranges of Chrome Knobs.

Link to Aluminium and Chrome Knobs

Link to MENTOR's analogue and digital Knobs


Analogue and Digital turning knobs for use with multi-turn, precision rotary potentiometers and other types of switch.

Link to Analogue and Digital Control Knobs

Ring LED Lighting and Control Knob Accessories

Link to MENTOR's LED Ring Lighting

LED Ring Lighting for Knobs

The design of MENTOR's new LED Ring Lighting products combines their 99-year legacy in electromechanical components with world-leading, highly sophisticated competencies in Product Lighting.

Link to LED Ring Lighting

Link to MENTOR’s Knob Accessoriesbs

MENTOR Control Knob Accessories

MENTOR's range includes mechanical accessories, precision setting drives, shaft extensions, shaft reduction sleeves and many types of coupling, available with short delivery times and low MOQs.

Link to MENTOR Knob Accessories