2023 Newsletter Archive


Unique Waterproof Light Guides & LED Lights
Electronic products are increasingly incorporating light into their design, for functional purposes and for aesthetic reasons. When used outdoors or when they come into contact with water or moisture in other ways, it’s essential that water is kept safely away from the product’s electronics.To meet this growing need for waterproofing, MENTOR has developed a wide range of IP68-Rated Light Guides and Front Panels Lights. They are available ex-stock with low MOQs and short delivery times.
IP68 Front Panel Light Guides
MENTOR has added 57 new products to their IP68 front panel Light Guide range. Three stylish head types are offered: spherical, planar and counterbore. The key feature is the waterproof design achieved through a special shaping of the plastic. Custom lengths can be supplied, often with little or no tooling costs.
IP68 Flexible Light Guides
MENTOR’s flexible IP68 light guides are designed for use with SMD TOPLEDS and are mounted on the PCB via two press-in lugs. The housings are designed to accommodate Ø2mm light guides, i.e. 2,000μm PMMA fibres. Standard length are 50mm, 80mm and 150mm. Other lengths are possible.
IP68 Front Panel LED Lights
Based on a single SMD LED, MENTOR has developed a new family of waterproof panel indicator lights. They comply with protection class IP68 thanks to the use of high-quality sealing rings and a fully encapsulated PCB. In addition, UV-stable materials have been used, making the panel indicators suitable for outdoor use.