How are Vertical PCB Mounted Light Guides Used?

Vertical PCB mounted light guides / light pipes from MENTOR are used in electronic products that call for light to be emitted from a panel that is positioned parallel to the circuit board. They are fitted to the circuit board by using push-fit lugs


MENTOR offers a wide assortment of vertical light guides / light pipes. As well as single vertical light guides, multiple versions are available in several variations of one, two, three and four-rows high and up to 10 columns wide to provide up to 40-way displays. In addition to classic round designs with round Ø3mm elements or rectangular bar graph indicators with surfaces of 2 x 5 mm, various miniaturised designs are available and all designs are offered with a choice of several standard lengths. Custom lengths are also easily achievable.


Light guides form a key function in the human interface with a product, so their appearance and optical quality have a huge influence on aesthetics and overall perceptions. The options of vertical light guides with round or rectangular displays provide design engineers with ultimate flexibility. MENTOR light guides are visibly superior, premium-quality precision optics that will enhance the appearance of any electronic device


Despite how many standard vertical light guide options MENTOR offer, there will inevitably be instances when a custom design is required. Often, a dimensional modification (normally Length A) can be easily delivered with little or no tooling cost and with a very modest MOQ. Other modifications such as different head shapes, dimensions or self-colouring are all possible. More information on the diverse possibilities of customised solutions is provided on page 38 of MENTOR's Custom Solutions catalogue.