Custom Light Guide and Light Pipe Design
MENTOR’s standard range offers a diverse spectrum of ultra-high-quality standard light guides. It includes front-panel mounted designs as well as horizontal light guides or vertical PCB-mounted light guides, single and multiple light guides, bargraph indicators, different head shapes and varied lengths including miniaturised solutions and flexible light guide systems.

Despite this enormous range, custom light guides are occasionally the optimum solution. For example, when a specific radiating characteristic is required, the modification of a PCB or front panel is difficult to achieve or a totally new lighting design is needed, MENTOR is the obvious first port-of-call.


  • different head shapes and sizes
  • different dimensions
  • different gaps
  • special fixing versions
  • coloured light guides
  • diffused light guides
  • 2-component solutions
  • alternative materials
  • surface coating and finishing


In collaboration with customers facilitated by Multitron, MENTOR's highly qualified and experienced engineers can call upon multi-disciplined colleagues to help develop the optimum light guide solution. This can range from modifications to standard light guide products to the design of entire new lighting systems.

Struggling with a design issue? Experience has proven time and again that MENTOR's diverse competencies and standard products can be combined to deliver an elegant and cost-effective workaround. Talk to Multitron to find out how we can help you.

Custom light guides without tooling cost!?

Customers often need a light guide to be a specific length in order to fit with their design. MENTOR's intelligent tooling strategy means we are able to provide custom solutions with little or no tooling cost and at low MOQs.

In this Light Guide / Light Pipe Micro-site, light guides that are suitable for extensive customisation but some tooling costs will be necessary are marked with a the symbol: Customised Solutions available

Light guides for which length (Dimension A) can be customised with little or no tooling-cost are marked with the symbol: Customised Solutions available (the plus symbolises the outstanding cost effectiveness of the solution!)

We have recently introduced a new range of M-CUT custom light guides. Our special opto design and manufacturing techniques allow us to deliver sheet-based custom bargraph, solid strip and area light guides of almost any shape and size in 2 dimensions.

Enquire about our custom light guide solutions

The diversity of custom light guide solutions is so extensive that we cannot describe them all here. MENTOR has a wealth of experience in the design of light guides and optics and is a 1st-tier supplier to many major automotive and OEM companies.

An enquiry to our specialist engineers at the early stages of a product’s design will almost always result in an elegant, innovative and cost-effective solution from MENTOR.
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