About Mentor

MENTOR’s credentials are impressive. Established in 1920, they have their own manufacturing plants located in Germany, Poland and Tunisia. All MENTOR properties are wholly-owned and un-encumbered.

A successful, self-funded company with a strong ethos of efficiency and “correct” business practice, MENTOR has invested heavily in leading-edge design, prototype, test and manufacture equipment. More importantly, MENTOR’s enthusiastic, approachable and highly qualified engineers are at the top of their game.
MENTOR offers innovative custom component solutions as well as a vast range of standard components across eight categories.

Their standard components include diverse types of opto components, light guides (including unique miniature versions for the 2.54 matrix), sensors, capacitive products and mechanical and electro-mechanical components such as switches, enclosure handles (MENTOR is one of the largest handle manufacturers in the world) and knobs.
MENTOR properties
Equipment Handles
Light Guides
Opto Electronics
THT Components
SMD Components
Keypad Components
MENTOR’s position as a first-tier, high-volume supplier to many automotive and OEM companies has resulted in world-leading competencies in “virtual” opto design, and as one of the few companies in the world that can accurately predict the resultant light output from a combination of LED and proposed optic, their opto electronics often go from design to manufacture without the need to prototype. MENTOR’s opto competencies extend from PCB-mounted light guides through automotive light guides to LED-based solutions for architectural lighting, including sophisticated tuning of white light. All production, including tooling, is performed in-house.
Whilst the manufacturer’s automotive and Blue-Chip OEM customer base has resulted in systems designed to exploit economies of scale, smaller volume enquiries help MENTOR to understand market needs and are often the catalyst to move a developing technology into a standard component. This provides mutual learning and benefits for the customer and MENTOR alike and often helps forge long-term relationships.

Multitron has a unique relationship and knowledge of MENTOR and will be delighted to work alongside you to harness the appropriate MENTOR resources to help you meet design and cost challenges.