Multitron is the sole UK & ROI agent for the substantial and legendarily efficient German electronic component manufacturer MENTOR GmbH.

Established in 1920, MENTOR has over 100 years of expertise in the design and manufacture of electronic components. Our aim at Multitron is to help Electronic Design Engineers in our region to easily discover and exploit the diverse range of Standard Components and Custom Solutions offered by MENTOR including light guides, 7 segment displays, opto-electronics, THT and keypad components, equipment handles and knobs.

Previously, MENTOR’s considerable UK business was largely the result of Design Engineers having made the effort to find a suitable MENTOR solution themselves, and sometimes their designs may have been compromised in order to use a standard component, yet MENTOR could easily have offered a cost-effective, semi-custom solution to exactly meet their needs.

Our Blog is intended to demonstrate our products and services, and provide a flavour of how Multitron and MENTOR can interact with Design Engineers to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to design challenges.