examples of standard light guide / light pipe projects

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Square light for the Sirius ET200 motor starter from Siemens

Siemens is one of the world's leading providers of modern PLC control systems for a very wide variety of applications. A current example is the new Sirius ET200 motor starter, which provides high functionality within very compact dimensions. Siemens used a customised version of the miniaturised square Light Guide 1296 from MENTOR. It suits the straightforward design of the control system perfectly and demonstrates that illuminated status displays don’t always have to be round. Customisation of standard products, such as adjusting the length of light guides, are among MENTOR's strengths and in many cases the customisation can be implemented with zero or low tooling costs.

Siemens PLC Control System

Data connection, transmission and performance indicator lights for Kromek's networked radiation detector

Kromek is an Anglo-American radiation detection solutions Group that provides digital colour x-ray/ gamma ray detection and imaging systems, enabling direct materials identification in the security screening, civil nuclear and medical imaging markets. Multitron worked closely with Kromek to specify an especially manufactured customised dimension of MENTOR Light guide 1293.1400 that provides clearly-defined status indication for its Discreet Dual Detector (D3S), an agile, cloud augmented network combining fixed and portable sensors, providing significant defensive capability against the threat of nuclear terrorism for the US government.

Radiation detection front panel

Rugged optoelectronic status displays for crane control

HBC-Radiomatic is a leading manufacturer of electronic controls for cranes and handling equipment. HBC selected optoelectronic components from MENTOR's standard ranges for the Spectrum 1 and Spectrum 2 radio-controlled products. The MENTOR opto components indicate power and battery status using a powerful, clearly-visible light source.

Rugged optoelectronic status displays for crane control

Light guides for fibre converter products

x.net 2000 has over 20 years of experience in network and data communications, developing solutions for voice and data transmission. The x.net 2000 UPO ISDN-over-fibre converter incorporates MENTOR's light guide 1296er series. These vertical light guides offer a high-quality light source, providing a very clear network status indication.

Light guides for fibre converter products

Custom-manufactured light guides for digital systems

ASTRO specialises in solutions for digital systems and full-service network solutions. ASTRO incorporated MENTOR custom-manufactured light guides into their product ranges. The MENTOR light guides shown here are manufactured to custom dimensions and are IP68 certified, providing a waterproofing capability of up to one meter depth.

Custom-manufactured light guides

Waterproof light guides for servo controllers

Moog GmbH is a manufacturer of high-quality servo controllers and with this high-quality in mind, Moog chose MENTOR's IP 68-rated 1282 light guides. The servo controllers do not really need to be waterproof, but MENTOR's light guides provide the required quality assurance. The image shows a unit that has been in use underwater for over a year.

Waterproof light guides