MENTOR Miniature Light Guides

MENTOR’s miniature light guides feature radiating surfaces of 2mm diameter and a grid dimension of 2.54mm. Compared with conventional 5.08mm grid light guides, these miniaturised versions allow twice the number of display elements within the same physical width. This offers design engineers a whole new range of possibilities, particularly when space is restricted.

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Illuminated switch cap examples with status indication

Illuminated switch cap variations

These clever illuminated switch examples are standard MENTOR products and are available in a number of variations. They share the common feature of providing an innovative and cost-effective solution for illuminated switch applications. Given that you are unlikely to ever search for “illuminated switch caps”, please let us brief you on how you can exploit the concept!

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Homogenously-Illuminated feature logo for the BMW M5

BMW’s M-Class saloon cars are well known for their performance and technical excellence in the premium sector of the sports saloon market (I can confirm this from personal experience!) The “M” is short for BMW’s Motorsports Division and in addition to technology and performance, their sports saloons display design flair with classy interior design touches and eye-catching exterior design features.

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Light Guide Overview

See working demos of miniature light guides, light guide-based 7-segment displays and illuminated switch caps for dome switches, all in “technicolour action”. View the video to fully understand how these components can enhance your products! Of course, you can find out more in the Light Guides Micro-site.

MENTOR Square Light Guides – Differentiate your product!

Square Light Guides / Light Pipes are an innovative product range from MENTOR.  I like them because they not only look great but allow you to visibly differentiate your product designs from the more mundane. It is worth noting that whilst the 10-column array versions have multiple tiny light elements closely spaced together, MENTOR’s clever integrated diaphragm prevents light bleed even when different colours are used adjacent.

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