Illuminated Caps

Innovative Switch Caps

MENTOR’s illuminated switch caps incorporate a unique design, offering the cap separately from the switch and LEDs. The SMD switch and the LEDs are mounted onto the PCB and the MENTOR switch cap is push-fitted onto the switch body.

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MENTOR Miniature Light Guides

MENTOR’s miniature light guides feature radiating surfaces of 2mm diameter and a grid dimension of 2.54mm. Compared with conventional 5.08mm grid light guides, these miniaturised versions allow twice the number of display elements within the same physical width. This offers design engineers a whole new range of possibilities, particularly when space is restricted.

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Illuminated switch cap examples with status indication

Illuminated switch cap variations

These clever illuminated switch examples are standard MENTOR products and are available in a number of variations. They share the common feature of providing an innovative and cost-effective solution for illuminated switch applications. Given that you are unlikely to ever search for “illuminated switch caps”, please let us brief you on how you can exploit the concept!

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