All the light guide systems presented are ESD-resistant to discharges against the front panel. The corresponding ESD resistance values are specified on the article itself, always relative to the smallest distance between the light guide coupling surface and the LED. Increasing this distance also increases ESD protection.

The light guides are pressed into mounting holes after the soldering process, fastening them in place. If product-specific recommendations are made for the holes in the printed circuit board, they should be considered guide values. They may vary depending on the quality and thickness of the printed circuit board, so the exact mounting holes should always be determined experimentally. The same applies to front panel mounted light guides.
Our light guides are available upon request in a variety of colours and special lengths, in straight or curved variants with special contours. Curved light guide rods keep their shape using accessories to ensure their dimensional stability.

Light guides are suitable for a wide variety of applications: single-row, double-row, horizontal, vertical, round or rectangular, and even flexibly curved. Special projects can be handled upon request.

MENTOR light guides are developed by our lighting specialists in our own facilities using the latest in development and simulation techniques, and achieve a high light yield and optimally homogeneous lighting without spill. We test our light guides using high-quality Osram LEDs

Explanation of Symbols

IP68 rated    Miniaturised    New product   
Customised solutions available    Particular solutions, e.g. customized length can be realised without or with minimum tooling costs.
Grid: 5.08mm    Grid 2.54mm    Grid 2.54 / 5.08mm   
Head shape      
Round    Square    Rectangle   
1-row 2-row 3-row 4-row
Front panel elements. Equates the 19 inch assembly system according DIN EN 60297-3-100:2009-09
Parts, that are available ex-stock (MENTOR Part No. in bold) are delivered with small MOQs and short delivery times.
Minimum quantity for manufacture of non-stocked part nos.
(in normal font): delivery time on request.
Minimum quantity for customer defined “Length A”: delivery times and other customisation on request.