Opto Electronic Components from MENTOR

Complementary to MENTOR’s unique standard and custom light guide competencies, MENTOR’s Opto Electronic range offers a huge array of LED lighting colours and styles. Products include single LED display systems, Matrix Array and bargraph display systems through to indicator lamps, plus lamp holders, reflectors and accessories.

LED Ring Lighting

The compact, space-saving design is only 4mm high and saves a considerable amount of PCB space. A single LED produces completely homogeneous lighting.

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Front Panel LED Lights

MENTOR has developed a next-generation family of signal indicator lamps using just a single SMD LED, for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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General Purpose Lamps

A wide range of indicator Lamps manufactured in both plastic and metal. Many different colours, sizes and fixings are available.

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LED Display Systems

MENTOR's LED Display Systems consist of single, multiple and multi-row lamps in round, square or rectangular shapes. Many colour options are available.

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7 Segment Displays

MENTOR's innovative design is quite unlike other 7 Segment displays - they do utilise integrated LEDs. The PCB mounted LEDs allow individual choice of colours.

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Surface Symbol Illumination

Designed with a low height to suit many different applications, they feature fully homogenous lighting. Both square and rectangular versions are offered.

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Lamp Holders

A wide range of lamp holders, including many different diameters, fixings and connections, for example two-pin and DIN EN 60061-1.

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Reflectors & Accessories

Choose from a range of reflectors, luminous coloured caps (red or green), opal dome-shaped caps and coloured front panel filter panels.

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LED Ring Lighting


The space-saving design and mimimal height (only 4mm) results in considerable savings of PCB space. The size of the housing is much smaller than solutions which use a ring of multiple LEDs. The totally homogeneous lighting effect is created using just a single LED. Another added benefit is that the positioning of the PCB is completely independent of the where the Ring Light Guide is positioned.

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Next Generation Front Panel LED Lights

front panel led lights

Based on a single SMD LED, these front panel lights are a new generation of signal indicator lights. They are very easy to assemble and are designed for indoor or outdoor applications. They have a robust plastic housing, available in a black or metallic-looking finish and the lamp lens diameter is 3mm or 5mm.

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General Purpose Lamps

Ø3mm Lamps – Plastic-Bodied and Metal-Bodied Versions

These MENTOR Indicator Lamps are rated at 230V and meet IP40 specifications - they are ideally suited to front-panel applications. The lamps have a VDE approval for temperatures up to 85°C.

Ø5mm Lamps – Plastic-Bodied and Metal-Bodied Versions

These signal lamps are for front-panel installation and are designed for screw-mounting with a recommended installation hole of Ø6mm. The lamps can be supplied with an external or internal reflector.

Ø8mm Lamps – Metal-Bodied

The MENTOR front-panel indicator lamps are designed for screw-mounting with a recommended installation hole of Ø12mm. The LED holder is simply pushed into the case. The lamps are supplied with a washer and hexagonal nut.

Ø10mm Lamps – Metal-Bodied

These indicator lamps are designed for screw-mounting with a recommended installation hole of Ø14mm. They are designed for front-panel mounting - the LED holder is simply pushed into the case. The lamps are supplied with a washer and hexagonal nut for secure fixing.

Ø20mm Lamps – Plastic-Bodied

These MENTOR front-panel Indicator Lamps use a cost-effective snap-lock installation design for panel thicknesses of 1 to 2mm using a mounting hole of Ø25.65mm. Panel thicknesses of 3mm can be accommodated with a mounting hole of Ø26.15mm.

LED Display Systems

Single LEDs – Horizontally-Mounted - Ø2mm, Ø3mm and Ø5mm

This range of horizontally-radiating LEDs uses a design featuring a universal clip-on system. The MENTOR LED modules are available in different LED colours, diameters and lengths. The longer LEDS can be specified to provide a gap between the printed circuit board and the front panel, ensuring increased ESD protection capabilities.

Matrix LED Arrays – Horizontally-Mounted - Ø2mm, Ø3mm and Ø5mm

MENTOR offers various Array configurations: 1Row/2 Columns; 2 Rows/2 Columns; 3 Rows/2 Columns. Many other configurations are offered, 2x2; 2x3; 2x4; 4x1; 8x1; 10x1 etc, all in a variety of different colours combinations.

Single LEDs – Upright-Mounted - Ø2mm, Ø3mm, Ø5mm and Ø10mm

This MENTOR Vertical Series of Single LEDs radiate vertically as opposed to horizontally. A wide range of colours are available and the cylindrical versions offer enhanced ESD protection capabilities.

Matrix LED Arrays – Upright-Mounted - Ø2mm, Ø3mm and Ø5mm

MENTOR provides various Array configurations: 1x2; 1x4; 1x8; 1x10 etc . Many different colours are offered within the standard range.

Bargraph Displays

These MENTOR Bargraph Displays are 4-LED modules with 5x2mm LEDs. The connector block has a contact separation of 2.54mm and can be installed in series.

7 segment displays

Innovative 7 Segment Displays

MENTOR's design is unlike traditional 7 Segment displays in that they do not have integrated LEDs. This has the advantage of being able to individually choose the display colours. These 7 Segment displays are single-digit and can be joined in rows to make a continuous sequence of numbers. The height can be continuously adjusted for any dimension.

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surface symbol illumination system

Multi-purpose Surface Symbol Illumination

These surface modules are designed with a low height to meet the needs of surface and background illumination for a diverse range of applications. Despite their low height, these modules offer fully homogenous lighting. Square and rectangular versions are availaable. The production line insertion rate is very efficient as only the SMD TOP LEDs are inserted during the soldering process, so that also a large number of components can quickly be positioned onto the production line.

lamp holders

Plastic Holders for Ø3mm; Ø5mm; Ø8mm; and Ø10mm LED Lamps

MENTOR Lamp Holders are dseigned for front-panel applications. The larger sizes have options for reflectors.

Lamp Holders for use with W2x4.6d Sockets

These Lamp Socket Holders are designed for lamp bases according to DIN EN 60061-1 or for LEDs with connector dimensions of W2x4.6d. The internationally-standardised socket dimensions enable simple and rapid lamp replacement.

Lamp Holders for use with W2.1x9.5d Sockets

These MENTOR LED Lamp Holders are designed for DIN EN 60061-1 standards with connector dimensions of W2.1x9.5d

reflectors & accessories

Aluminium-Coated Reflectors

The aluminium coating on these MENTOR reflectors provides excellent reflective characteristics. The reflectors can resist an internal operating temperature of up to 160°C without deformation. The reflectors may be used with MENTOR’s range of coloured or clear caps.

General-Purpose Luminous Caps

A range of coloured general-purpose luminous caps and opal dome-shaped luminous caps are offered. They are suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Front-Panel Frames with Transparent Plastic Windows

These Front-Panel Frames have red transparent windows as standard. Various sizes are available and the maximum panel thickness is 3mm.