Examples of MENTOR’s analogue, digital and locking knobs


MENTOR's analogue and digital knobs are designed for use with multi-turn, precision rotary devices such as potentiometers and other types of switch panel control. Both digital and analogue versions feature a locking brake and offer precision readability. The digital and analogue knobs feature a design made from plastic or plastic with an aluminium housing. The range of plastic locking knobs offers the option of with or without dial or pointer, with a choice of two shaft diameters. See all MENTOR Plastic Knobs.

Digital, Analogue and Locking Knobs

Digital Turning Knob
Analogue Knob
Locking Knob

Digital Knobs

For use with precision rotating devices such as potentiometers, with a readability of within 1/500 of a turn.

Aluminium Indicator Range

Analogue Knobs

With a readability of within 1/50 of a turn, these knobs are for use with precision, rotating analogue devices.

Aluminium Indicator Range

Locking Knobs

Plastic Locking Knobs, with or without dial or pointer. Available in shaft diameters 4mm and 6mm.

Aluminium Indicator Range