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Creative Lighting is becoming just as important in the instrument and machinery marketplace as it is in the consumer world – sophisticated lighting adds that “extra edge” to differentiate one product from another. More and more product developers are recognising that creative lighting can be used to create functional and aesthetic added-value to their products.

Compact, space-saving design

The compact design and flat construction (only 4mm) of MENTOR’s Circular “Ring” Light Guides means that PCB space is saved and the size of the housing is minimised compared with other solutions eg a ring of multiple LEDs. Another benefit is that the position of the PCB is independent from the position of the Ring Light Guide.

A very wide range of applications are possible – for example switches, buttons, knobs, controllers, jacks or logos can all be illuminated. Impressively, the totally homogeneous lighting effect is created using just one LED. This is achieved by "smoke, mirrors and a little MENTOR magic"!

Standard products: 12mm or 16mm Lighting plus LED options

Two standard sizes are available with internal Light Guide diameters of 12mm or 16mm, both featuring a lighting ring up to 2mm thick. The modules are available with a white or RGB LED, and options include a choice of bare wires or wires terminated with a plug to fit 2x2 pin headers (2.54mm connector pitch).

Many LED options are offered: monochrome, duo, RGB, or special colours. The printed circuit board can be supplied with optional I²C controllers or series resistors.

Customised solutions

In addition to the range of standard products, the modular product design enables customised solutions to be rapidly developed from standard products. In many cases, additional tooling costs are either non-existent or very low.

Special sizes are also possible as are special geometries eg rectangles, ellipses, triangles, crescents or free contour-following forms, such as a door lock shape. Depending on the complexity of the solution, one or more LEDs are used to ensure consistently uniform lighting.


Standard Products

  • Modular system with standard products and a wide variety of options for customised solutions, often with only a small cost
  • Compact shape and very flat structure (only 4 mm)
  • Can be used for a wide range of applications, for example a BNC connector or laboratory connector
  • Simple and rapid assembly, fastened via studs on the front panel
  • Fixings can be adjusted to suit existing fastening systems
  • High level of ESD protection
  • Various options are available, including LED selection, circuit board layout and electric connection
  • Ring inner diameter 12 mm or 16 mm
  • Lighting ring maximum 2 mm
  • LED colours RGB or White
  • A choice of connections, bare wire or plug for pin header 2x2 (2.54mm contacts pitch)

Custom Solutions

  • Special shapes and individual Light Guide characteristics, such as square, elliptical, triangular, contours (eg key-hole), crescent form, etc
  • Special sizes
  • Individual LED requirements: single colour, two-colour, RGB, special colours, or low current
  • Options for circuit board electronics
  • Alternative electric connections
Custom Knobs with LED Markers

Integrated LED Knob Indicators

The image demonstrates a new knob concept developed by MENTOR - Knobs with Integrated LED Indicators. Utilising MENTOR's integrated lighting expertise, many different innovative options are possible - allow your design ideas to flourish! Contact Multitron for a free consultation to discuss your ideas.
General Technical Data
Inner Diameter of Light Guide: 12 mm or 16 mm Lighting Ring: Maximum 2mm
LED Colour: RGB or White Connection: Wire or plug (2x2 header with 2.54mm pitch)
Housing Material: ABS White Light Guide: PMMA
Ø 12 mm
LED Colour Connection ØDL A B E F Part No
RGB Wire 16 135.6 17.8 8.9 41.5 2661.1005
RGB Plug 16 144.6 17.8 8.9 41.5 2661.1006
White Wire 16 135.6 17.8 8.9 41.5 2661.1007
White Plug 16 144.6 17.8 8.9 41.5 2661.1008
Ø 16 mm
LED Colour Connection ØDL A B E F Part No
RGB Wire 20 135.6 22 11 43.6 2661.1001
RGB Plug 20 144.6 22 11 43.6 2661.1002
White Wire 20 135.6 22 11 43.6 2661.1003
White Plug 20 144.6 22 11 43.6 2661.1004
Quad Status Indicator 0.2mm Part Nos in bold font are available ex-stock with a low MOQ – please hover over Part No to see details
Part Nos not in bold font have a 6-8 week lead-time but please enquire – this can sometimes be much shorter
Quad Status Indicator 0.2mm 3,000 pcs MOQ for custom lengths/heights
Quad Status Indicator 0.2mm Customised solutions are available – some solutions can be realised with minimal or even zero tooling cost
Quad Status Indicator 0.2mm Very high level of ESD protection for the front panel