examples of plastic / metal knob projects

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Custom buttons for audio equipment applications

Sennheiser, a worldwide manufacturer of high-quality audio products, incorporated custom buttons from MENTOR in their EM 9046 range of multichannel-receiver equipment. The buttons were black-lacquered and featured lasered symbols to indicate clearly the various audio functions of the receiver.

Custom buttons for audio equipment

High-quality rotating buttons for audio receivers

The Sennheiser EM 3732 COM-II multichannel receiver is a high-end audio product which required high-quality rotating control buttons. Sennheiser selected knobs from MENTOR's top-of-the-range product series, providing the user with a positive, tactile feel and clear illumination.

Rotating buttons for audio receivers

Aluminum rotating knobs for audio systems

Funk Tonstudiotechnik designs and manufactures analogue and digital audio equipment for professional studio use. High-precision controls were required for the AMX-V pre-amplifier, and Funk selected aluminium rotating knobs from MENTOR's standard ranges. MENTOR's use of high-quality materials combined with a classic design ensures a visually pleasing, ergonomic and tactile end-user experience.

Aluminum rotating knobs for Funk Tonstudiotechnik

Precision analogue voltage control

Iseg Spezialelektronik GmbH specialises in the design and manufacture of high-voltage generators for industrial and research markets. For the NHQ Ein-/Zweikanal HV-Modul products, Iseg chose analogue rotating knobs from MENTOR's standard product ranges. The knob incorporates a precision potentiometer to accurately select the chosen voltage.

Precision analogue voltage controls

Aluminium knob for an electronic guitar sound pedal

Crushsound's "Farmer's Mill" is a guitar-effect sound pedal which they claim "can make you sound like Jimi Hendrix!" The sound pedal has been developed in conjunction with the designers of Le 2 Workshop and to ensure that the end-product's looks matched the sound quality, they specified stylish aluminium knobs from MENTOR's standard knob range. Checkout the effects it can achieve HERE

Aluminium knob for a guitar sound pedal

Plastic adjustment knobs for microphone pre-processor modules

EXOR Modushop designs and customises electronic enclosures for many different product applications. To complement the elegant design of the HAM microphone pre-processor modules, Exor selected MENTOR's standard plastic knobs, which feature integrated pointer dials.

Plastic adjustment knobs

Plastic knob systems for air conditioning equipment

REMKO GmbH & Co KG designs and manufactures air conditioning equipment. The temperature adjustment knob was selected from one of MENTOR's standard knob systems. It has a collet fixing and the cap is custom-made by MENTOR to REMKO's specific requirements.

Plastic knobs for a microphone