Based on a single SMD LED, MENTOR has developed a new family of panel indicator lights, available in a wide range of standard products combined with options for customised solutions. They are easy to assemble and can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications.

IP68 Waterproof - UV Resistant - ESD Protection

The LED Lamps comply with protection class IP68 thanks to the use of high-quality sealing rings and a fully encapsulated PCB. In addition, UV-stable materials have been used, making the panel indicators suitable for outdoor use. The combination of the SMD LED with a light guide within the signal indicator results in very high ESD protection for the front panel or enclosure.

Standard Products: Ø3mm or Ø5mm versions with LED Options

All standard products have a robust plastic housing, available in black or with a metallic appearance. The lens diameter is either 3mm or 5mm. They are available with a choice of white or RGB low-current LEDs.

Simple and fast Push-fit assembly with Cable or Plug connection

The new signal lights use a push-fit rather than screw-in design - they are simply inserted into the front panel mounting hole and fixed securely in position by the integrated metal clamp ring. A choice of Cable or Plug termination is offered (for 2x2 multi-pin connectors with a pitch of 2.54mm). The diameter of the mounting hole is 8mm, the same as the previous MENTOR THT version, so that the old signal light can be easily replaced by the new SMD version in existing applications.

Easy no-tooling customisation

The modular concept means that it is simple for MENTOR to deliver special customised versions - additional tooling costs are not normally charged. The SMD LED options include single colour, special colours, duo-LED, IR and night vision. Other customisation options include: I²C controller, series resistors and alternative electrical connections. Options that may incur tooling charges include: coloured lenses, special lens shapes, alternative body colours and other aperture shapes and sizes.


Standard Products

  • Modular system with standard, low MOQ, ex-stock products and a wide variety of options for customised solutions
  • Can be used in a wide range of applications
  • Simple and rapid assembly; insertion with no need for screws
  • UV-resistant – Suitable for outdoor use
  • Robust plastic coloured or metallic-effect optic housing
  • Waterproof – IP68 (with a Ø8H7 mounting hole)
  • Simple replacement during redesign for existing 8mm assembly mounting hole
  • Minimum thickness of front panel: 1.5 mm
  • Various options available regarding the light beam appearance, housing etc
  • Assembly borehole: 8mm diameter
  • Front bezel: 10mm diameter
  • Lens: 3mm or 5mm diameter
  • Low current LED: RGB or white
  • Housing: Black or Metallic optic
  • Connection: Bare wire or plug connector for 2x2 pin header (2.54mm connector pitch)

Custom Solutions

  • Freely-selectable LEDs: single colour, two-colour, IR, or night vision
  • I²C controller, series resistors, etc
  • Specially shaped lenses, alternative housing materials, coloured lenses, internal and external reflector etc
General Technical Data
Front panel hole: Ø 8mm Housing: Black or Metallic optic
Signal Indicator Bezel: Ø 10mm Housing Material: PC UL 94
Lens: Ø 3mm or Ø 5mm Light Guide Material: PC UL 94
Low current LED: RGB or White Connection: Wire or plug for 2x2 pin header (2.54mm pitch)
Lens Ø 3 mm
LED Colour Connection A E Black Housing Part No Metallic Housing Part No
RGB Wire 112.5 94 2660.8301 2660.8303
RGB Plug 118.5 100 2660.8302 2660.8304
White Wire 112.5 94 2660.8305 2660.8307
White Plug 118.5 100 2660.8306 2660.8308
Lens Ø 5 mm
LED Colour Connection A E Black Housing Part No Metallic Housing Part No
RGB Wire 112.5 94 2660.8501 2660.8503
RGB Plug 118.5 100 2660.8502 2660.8504
White Wire 112.5 94 2660.8505 2660.8507
White Plug 118.5 100 2660.8506 2660.8508
Quad Status Indicator 0.2mm Part Nos in bold font are available ex-stock with a low MOQ – please hover over Part No to see details
Part Nos not in bold font have a 6-8 week lead-time but please enquire – this can sometimes be much shorter
Quad Status Indicator 0.2mm 3,000 pcs MOQ for custom lengths/heights
Quad Status Indicator 0.2mm Customised solutions are available – some solutions can be realised with minimal or even zero tooling cost
Quad Status Indicator 0.2mm Very high level of ESD protection for the front panel