7-segment displays are nothing new but these innovative MENTOR ones are - they lack LEDs! Instead, the customer provides its own SMD LEDs (even RGB) and mounts them on the PCB using a cost-effective manufacturing process. The MENTOR light guide based 7-segment displays are push-fitted to the board at the end of production.

The end result is total flexibility of design. Any colour variation of LEDs is possible, including RGB. MENTOR 7-segment displays are offered in three standard digit sizes of 7.62 mm, 10.16 mm and 14.2 mm. We know from engineer feed-back that LED height is often an issue when designing-in 7-segment displays and consequently, MENTOR tooling has been created to allow infinite height adjustment between 4.5 mm and maximum 23.5 mm for all three standard dimensions; such variations are thus available at low MOQs. Standard housings are in white but colour variations are possible, including black.

Light guide based 7 segment displays   keypad component catalogue

MENTOR Light Guide, 7-segment Displays and Illuminated snap-dome switch cap video. Run time 1m 23 sec.
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