MENTOR Area Light Guides deliver homogeneous light across thin, flat panels of almost any size. LED input is generally from only one side, with light output via the front panel and edges. MENTOR’s advanced light guide design capabilities allow for accurate simulation of the solution prior to production, so Design Engineers are able to know exactly the results to expect.
Usefully, MENTOR is able to generate the same results using several different production technologies, including printing, laser-etching, injection-moulding (with stamping as required) and rolling. Some of these processes need no tooling, so MENTOR can deliver the most cost-effective solution whether the requirement is for a one-off or prototype component or for many thousands of pieces.
Applications are limitless from Fire Escape signs, and museum signage/image illumination, to vending machine “mood boards” and a myriad of retail uses to name but a few.
By incorporating an area light guide with MENTOR’s unique two-LED M-Tube technology, even one-off solutions can easily be implemented.

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