M-Fibre - Innovative Side Light Fibre System for custom product lighting solutions

MENTOR’s M-Fibre is a new Side Light Fibre System, consisting of customised LED modules and a special side light fibre, tailored to the specific requirements of the application.

Thin and flexible PMMA plastic optical fibres (POFs) incorporating individual light-dispersing surface structures are bundled together to create a fibre core, which is then sheathed within an outer diffusing sleeve.

Using MENTOR's LED modules, the result is fully-homogenous, 360° "all-round" light, with no colour deviation, even when tight radii are used.

Depending on the application, the fibres can be fully activated along the entire length or just part of the length. With partial activation, only specific areas of the side light fibre are lit up, in a highly-targeted manner, minimising light bleed.

This prevents undesired scattering of light and optimises the efficiency of the lighting system. Utilising this technology, multi-coloured “running lights” or similar dynamic lighting effects are also possible.

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