An Overview of MENTOR’s THT Component Range

MENTOR's extensive ranges of THT components cover many different types of switch, including: toggle switches, slide switches, pushbutton switches and rotary switches. Other MENTOR THT component ranges include potentiometers, jacks and fuse holders.

tht toggle & slide switches

THT toggle switches
THT slide switches
THT push-button switches

THT Toggle Switches – Momentary and Permanent Options

MENTOR's THT Toggle Switch range consists of many variations of single-pole and two-pole versions, with a wide choice of shapes, dimensions and sizes. Both momentary and permanent switch operations are offered.

THT Slide Switches

MENTOR’s THT Slide Switches are single-pole switches, available in a single size. They are assembled in a black pastic housing.

THT Push-Button Switches – Momentary and Permanent Options

MENTOR's THT Push-Button Switches, come in a huge choice of shapes, dimensions and sizes. Both momentary and permanent switch operations are available. Single-pole and two-pole version are also provided. Some versions have integral neon status lamps.
THT rotary switches
THT binary coated rotary switches
THT miniature key switches

THT Rotary Switches

MENTOR’s Rotary Switches are available with several useful options: 1-5 pole; multiposition; screwdriver operation etc. Rotary Switches suitable for harsh industrial applications are also offered.

THT Binary-Coded Rotary Switches

MENTOR’s THT Binary-Coded Rotary Switches are available with 10- or 16-postion options. Operation is carried out either by using a small screwdriver or by hand-turning a knob. The switches feature a precision notch-action.

THT Miniature Key Switches

MENTOR’s range of THT Miniature Key Switches are designed to prevent unauthorised system access. The key is supplied with a chain for convenient and secure storage.

tht pushbutton switches

Momentary-type pushbutton switches
Miniature push-buttons with LEDs

1-pole and 2-pole pushbutton switches

Many different styles of these momentary-type pushbutton switches are available, for example there is a choice of a single pushbutton or two pushbuttons. Short-stroke horizontal and vertical versions are also available. Options include switches with or without LEDs to display status.

miniature pushbuttons with leds

This range of pushbutton switches incorporates LEDs to provide a status signal. They are available in both horizontal and vertical options.

tht potentiometers

THT potentiometers

THT Potentiometers

MENTOR’s range of THT potentiometers are operated using a screwdriver, with a smooth, continuous rotation of 260 degrees. A fixing pin secures the potentiometer onto the printed circuit board.

tht test jacks & test switches

THT test jacks - Ø2mm & Ø4mm
THT test jacks similar to DIN 41616
THT switch jacks - Ø2mm

THT Test Jacks - Ø2mm and Ø4mm

MENTOR’s THT Test Jacks are a range of insulated test terminals, suitable for Ø2mm and Ø4mm connectors. The insulated test terminals are designed to interlock when stacking, providing stability for the printed circuit board. Some variants are available with an integral status lamp.

THT Test Jacks similar to DIN 41616

These test jacks are for use in situations where quick and easy analysis needs to be carried out. Two versions are offered, both constructed using a black PC/PBT material.

THT Switch Jacks - Ø2mm

MENTOR THT Switch Jacks are provided with a clamp to avoid movement during soldering. A collar ensures correct alignment of the component being soldered. Some versions are available with a status lamp.

tht fuse holders

Fuse holders for G-FUSE links 5X20mm

THT Fuse Holders for G-Fuse Links 5x20mm

This MENTOR THT Fuse Holder is designed for G-Fuse Links 5x20mm applications. Several diffferent types are offered, as well as a transparent cover for some variants.