An Overview of MENTOR’s SMD Component Range

MENTOR offer a broad range of SMD components including test jacks, SMD bridges and fuse holders plus side-button, top-button and toggle switches in many colours, shapes and sizes.

smd toggle switches

Single-pole SMD toggle switches

single-pole toggle switches

MENTOR's Toggle Switches feature a design that offers automated production machinery a large surface area for good pick & place suction, resulting in high production throughput rates. The solder tags are designed to flex slightly, ensuring good soldered connections in the production process. Additional fixing pins enable exact alignment of the switch during production.

smd pushbutton switches

Side-button SMD switches
Top-button SMD switches

Side-Button Switches

The MENTOR Push-Button Switches are available in single-pole and two-pole versions. In 19“ rack system applications, they can be used as panel-mounted switches or as PCB-mounted reset switches. A fixing pin ensures correct alignment onto the front panel, it also provides physical support for the in-use actuating forces. Control knobs are available in various colours.

Top-Button Switches

The MENTOR Top-Button switches are available in a wide range of actuator heights, with different colours and actuator sizes.

SMD Bridges

0Ω resistance switch / SMD bridge

0Ω Resistance Switch

MENTOR’s smallest switch is the SMD Bridge – a 0Ω Resistance Switch. It has a wide range of 0Ω Resistance applications including service bridge applications.

smd test jacks

SMD test jacks Ø2 & Ø4mm

Test Jacks Ø2mm

MENTOR’s SMD series of test sockets are designed for use in front panel applications. They have proven to be highly-reliable over many decades.

smd Fuse Holders

TR5 fuse holders

TR5 Fuse Holder

This MENTOR Fuse Holder is the only front-panel fuse holder for TR5 fuse links. It enables front-panel fuse-changing with no additional tools.