MENTOR’s square and round tactile / dome switches

During my recent factory visit I explained to MENTOR that Multitron’s UK Design Engineers were loving the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of MENTOR’s switch cap solutions but many were asking for round / circular versions rather than square.  I quite reasonably berated MENTOR for their short-sightedness in not supplying these.

You know those looks you sometimes get – no one actually says anything but something’s not quite right?  That’s what I got!

Upon my departure I was presented with two switch samples, which I subsequently photographed and show here.  The complete demo board, shown above, is self-explanatory and clearly illustrates how MENTOR’s square switch caps can be used to deliver an illuminated round / circular switch, based on either tactile or dome switches.

Of course, I and all my requesting customers knew about this simple and obvious solution but we just wanted to test that MENTOR was as innovative as they claim to be!

To find out more about MENTOR’s ranges of cost-effective solutions for illuminated tactile switches or illuminated caps for snap dome and Micon 5 switches, and see a video of them functioning, please read this blog or browse the Keypad Components micro-site.

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