October 2013 was Multitron’s busiest-ever month by some considerable margin – order intake was 70% higher than budget. Perhaps this means we are doing something right? Perhaps this means that everyone has ordered in October and we shall receive no orders in November?!

MENTOR has long had a strong presence in the UK but too-often in the past Design Engineers have had to work hard to find the MENTOR solution by themselves. Today, MENTOR has UK-based Multitron solely dedicated to assisting Engineers to exploit the diverse standard products and custom solutions offered by MENTOR. Having contributed to achieving design and budget goals by working closely with MENTOR’s experts technical experts, Multitron then manages the UK supply chain in a robust manner.

The latter is not difficult. MENTOR is an extraordinarily efficient and “boringly” reliable supplier. All of Multitron’s vendor assessment reports have been in the 98-100% region and despite having supplied millions of components during the past 15 months, we have never had one quality complaint.

We are receiving great feedback from both existing MENTOR customers as well as prospective future customers. By its nature, our business has a long gestation period; to date the vast majority of “legacy” UK MENTOR customers are increasing the scope of their MENTOR purchases and as the word gets around, more new customers are coming on board. In fact, over 50% of Multitron’s customers only started specifying MENTOR during the past 15 months.

We follow our Principal MENTOR’s philosophy (established over many decades) of acting correctly, helpfully and efficiently in all of our business dealings. If we succeed in doing this, we shall have continued success.

Thank you to everyone who has reacted positively to the new MENTOR UK strategy.

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