Examples of MENTOR's Plastic and Metal Knobs

MENTOR have completely updated and redesigned their Plastic and Metal Knobs catalogue, adding in all of their latest knob introductions. The catalogue has an all-new design, and is available for immediate PDF download – why not Download the Plastic and Metal Knobs Catalogue now!

The new knobs catalogue provides overviews and detailed information, making it easier to scan and to then read the detail of the selected knob. For example, comprehensive charts, tables and lots of clear technical drawings are included.

As you may well know already, MENTOR’s extensive ranges of control knobs include many families of Plastic and Aluminium Turning, Wing, Pointer and Adjusting Knobs. Another very popular range is the family of Precision Digital and Analogue Turning Knobs, for use in applications that incorporate precision rotary potentiometers. Or they can be used with any other type of control system requiring precise digital or analogue electronic settings.

New products in the catalogue include Ring Light Guide modules for radial lighting – make your product stand out from the competition by boldly highlighting knobs and controllers. Completely homogenous ring lighting is provided using just one LED, and the housing is secured in situ together with the knob. Ingenious or what? More information on circular ring light guides…

Ring Light Guide modules for radial lighting on knobs

Many of MENTOR’s knob families are available ex-stock and others are available with short delivery times and low minimum order quantities. And don’t forget that if you need a custom knob, or a slightly modified standard knob, then please give us a call – you may well find that the tooling costs and MOQs could be surprisingly low!


Download the MENTOR Metal and Plastic Knobs catalogue (PDF)

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