It’s becoming very hard these days to differentiate a company’s new products from the competitors. In a bid to create individuality, products have become more multifunctional, more intelligent and more complex. Examples can be found in the fields of smart home, automotive, IoT, eMobility etc.

Industrial designers and development engineers are recognising that innovative light concepts have the potential to create functional and “emotional added value”. Light can literally show the way, create atmosphere, and offer comfort; it can also set accents, create individuality, enable communication and shape identity. With light, you really can give a product an emotional dimension. Light can be used as a design element, as a means of communication and as a creative component.

As a specialist in LED-based lighting solutions, MENTOR has been successfully implementing customised light components for a wide range of industries for many years. From concept to production. All from one source. Go on, be inspired – download the MENTOR Custom Product Llighting catalogue PDF

MENTOR’s lighting expertise, consistent attention to quality, and state-of-the-art equipment all work together to help meet the most  demanding customer requirements. MENTOR has their own in-house light laboratory which is equipped with luminance cameras, spectro-radiometers, photometers, lux meters, and a 500mm diameter Ulbricht sphere. They also have their own dedicated Computer Aided Lighting (CAL) system to carry out virtual lighting development.

The new catalogue provides lots of examples of custom product lighting solutions, from the Audi Q2 interior lighting that the driver can select to reflect the currently-preferred ambience, to the Grohe Blue Home illuminated control knob for their intelligent water system, displaying the current water output function.

As I said above, be inspired!

Download the MENTOR Custom Product Lighting catalogue PDF

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