Multitron’s MD Duncan Grove will be on MENTOR’s Stand at Electronica 2016 and he will be able to introduce you to the most relevant MENTOR electronic and opto engineers to dicuus your product designs. Incredibly, MENTOR’s stand (always massive) will be 15% larger this year!

Duncan believes that this is in order to provide more space for him to store his copious luggage and camera gear but in truth, it is to provide extra space to display MENTOR’s exciting new product introductions.

Expect to see CIRCULAR light guides offered as standard stocked parts in a variety of sizes. These will provide totally homogenous circular (Corona) lighting from just one LED and still provide a circular hole in which to position a connector, switch, knob etc. Pretty cool eh?!


You will also see a modern-day version of the traditional bezelled front panel indicator light. Again available as a standard stocked part with many variations, these modular IP 68-rated units feature their own single or RGB LEDs mounted on mini PCBs.


Whilst MENTOR’s core competencies today most certainly lie in the area of leading-edge opto design, they do not forget their near 100-year heritage as suppliers of electro-mechanical components, nor the fact that they remain the world’s largest manufacturer of knobs and handles. In recognition of this they will be launching an additional 50 handle Part Nos, all with elegant design, sublime quality and available ex-stock.

These introductions are a result of research into the types, shapes and finishes of handles that designers need to complement today’s products.

Were we to tell you any more we would have to shoot you! Everyone who is anyone in the electronics world will be at Electronica and most will visit MENTOR’s stand. If you turn up speculatively you will receive a warm welcome. If you have a specific project to discuss, and it’s difficult for you to keep to exact times, please contact Multitron to arrange a one-hour appointment window so we can be sure to meet with you without delay.

All of MENTOR’s other product ranges will of course be on display, including Light Guides, Knobs, Keypad Components, Opto Components etc.

See you at Electronica 2016!

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