I thought it worth reminding you about MENTOR’s 150mm long Ø3mm flexible light guide, since it always generates so much interest whenever I show a working demo to Design Engineers.  Some see it as a useful workaround that could “get them out of a hole” when redesigning a product mid-life-cycle.

Others view it as an elegant and cost-effective solution for many other design challenges.  MENTOR have previously offered 2000µm and 1000µm flexible light guides made from black-coated PMMA.  This new 3000µm version has the advantages of being considerably brighter and, since it is made from PU, far more flexible – you can literally tie it in a knot and the light still shines through!

Designed for use with SMD TOPLEDS, the light guide is fitted into a Polycarbonate housing which is held in place on the PCB with two press-in lugs.  As standard, a transparent lens is supplied for use at the visible end.  Alternative colour lenses are also available as are custom lengths.  MOQ for the standard part is just 1 pc.

Please click the thumbnail below left to see a video of a functioning MENTOR flexible light guide.  More MENTOR standard and custom solutions can be seen at Multitron’s main website.

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