The light guide is designed for use with up to 3 Chipleds with a footprint of 0805 or smaller, thus allowing single, twin or tri-coloured displays. It is mounted on the PCB via press-in lugs. Standard Lengths A are 15mm, 30mm and 45mm but infinitely variable custom lengths between 15mm and 45mm are available, often with little or no tooling costs.
A (mm) Recommended LEDs MENTOR Part
15 R4-R7 • R14-R16 1294.1001
30 R4-R7 • R14-R16 1294.1002
45 R4-R7 • R14-R16 1294.1003
Minimum quantities
Part Nos. in bold font are available ex-stock with. Those in normal font are manufactured to order. Explanation of Symbols    --- 3000