The light guide is held in place on the printed board via two press-in lugs and is used in conjunction with SMD LEDs. Standard Lengths A are 7mm, 15mm, 30mm and 45mm but infinitely variable custom lengths between 7mm and 45mm are available, often with little or no tooling costs.
A (mm) Recommended LEDs MENTOR Part No.
15 L1-L12 1275.1001
9.6 Cover 1275.0001
30 L1-L12 1275.1002
24.6 Cover 1275.0002
45 L1-L12 1275.1003
39,6 Cover 1275.0003
Recommended LEDs MENTOR Part No.
L1-L12 1281.1001
  • General Remarks and Technical Data
  • General Remarks
  • Technical Data LEDs
  • LL-Material: PC clear UL94
  • Ambient Temperature: -40°C ... +85°C
  • ESD-Protection: <8kV
  • ESD-Protection: <4kV (1281.1001)
Minimum quantities
Part Nos. in bold font are available ex-stock with. Those in normal font are manufactured to order. Explanation of Symbols    --- 3000