LED Logo Panels

AVAILABLE NOW, EX-STOCK, WITH LOW MOQs. (Initial launch information - more detailed images and data will be published shortly).

MENTOR's new RGB LED Area Lighting modules feature a flat panel design, making them ideal for displaying logos, symbols and text. The LED backlighting benefits from MENTOR's product lighting expertise, providing very even, truly homogeneous illumination. The module features an ESD-protected PCB with a single Top-Emitting RGB LED, offering an infinite range of backlight colours.

There are two options for the logos and text – customers can use their own overlays, or MENTOR can print customer-specific graphic/text information onto the diffuser surface (MOQ 1,000 pcs). Samples with customer-specific printing can be provided at a cost of just a few hundred pounds, which will be credited against the first production-volume order.

The recommended lighting area is 50x16mm and the mounting options are very flexible, including screw-fit, glueing, push-fit and snap-fit. The design features a very compact panel depth of just 5.5mm. Contact Multitron for pricing and delivery times.

Customised Solutions and Diffuser Printing

Customisation options include a larger lighting area of up to 55x55mm (MOQ 3,000 pcs, tool insert cost applies). Even larger sizes are possible, subject to modest tooling investment for just the larger enclosure (the actual light guide and the diffuser do not require tooling investment although there will be some development costs). Different wire gauges and connector options are also possible. Contact Multitron for more information on customisation options and printing costs.

Technical Information

Customisable ESD Protection LED Logo Panel Product
LED Logo Panel Dimensions
Colour Connection Part No
RGB LED Wire Connection 2661.2001
General Technical Data
Housing Material: ABS White UL94 Light Guide Material: PMMA UL94
LED Colour: RGB Temperature Range: -20 to +70 °C
LED Data
Colour Wavelength λ (nm) dominant
@ If = 20 mA
Forward Voltage
(Tj = 25 °C / If = 20 mA)
Red 625 1.8 min 2.1 typical 2.6 max
Green 530 2.8 min 3.1 typical 3.6 max
Blue 470 2.8 min 3.1 typical 3.6 max
Customisable MENTOR LED Logo/Graphics Panels are customisable – Contact Multitron
ESD Protection Extensive ESD Protection is provided