This 2-D custom M-CUT bargraph light guide is formed from transparent PMMA sheet that is strategically cut using MENTOR‘s sophisticated Ray-Trace calculations. The light guide should be used with LEDs of type 0603 or smaller (MENTOR’s engineers will advise on the recommended LED type and positioning). It is mounted on the PCB via two press-in lugs. The standard version is supplied as a 10-element display for the 2.54mm grid. The number of elements (up to 100) and the grid, (2.54mm, 5.08mm or custom) as well as measurements B, D and E, can be adjusted to the customer‘s requirements. Any shape is possible eg the bargraph can be contoured to fit the curvature of a moulded enclosure.

A B C D E F Recommended LEDs Part No
31.1 30.4 5.1 37.4 30 10.1 P1, P3-P7 1266.1002

  • General Remarks and Technical Data
  • General Remarks
  • Technical LED Data
  • Material - Light Guide: PMMA
  • Material - Press-in Lugs: PC Black UL94
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +70°C
Part Nos in bold font are available ex-stock with Part Nos NOT in bold font are available to order. Explanation of All Symbols