This sealing disc has been designed for light guides with an external diameter of 3.2mm. It is attached from the rear and provides IP54 level splash protection. The drawings below should be consulted when considering the minimum light guide length.
Sealing disk for spherical light guides
Sealing disc for planar light guides
Sealing disc for counterbore light guides

The sealing disc can be used with these Light Guide types:

Light Guide Ø3.2mm Spherical
Spherical Straight for Part Nos 1282.1000 and 1282.5000
Spherical Angular for Part No 1282.7000

Light Guide Ø3.2mm Planar
Planar Straight for Part Nos 1282.2000 and 1282.6000
Planar Angular for Part No 1282.8000

Light guide Ø3.2mm Counterbore
Counterbore Straight for Part Nos 1282.1100, 1282.1400 and 1282.1500
Counterbore Angular for Part No 1282.1300
Sealing Disc Part No 1282.0001

  • Technical Data
  • Material: PVC Black
  • Operating Temperature: Up to 75°C