The optical performance of these flexible light guides is especially impressive. They are designed for use with SMD TOPLEDS and are mounted on the PCB via two press-in lugs. Housings, light guides and lenses are supplied unassembled. Standard length is 150mm. Custom lengths are available from 55mm to >200mm.
Flexible Light Guide - Layout Suggestion
Head Color Fibre Length Recommended LEDs Part No
White Ø3mm 150 L1-L12 1216.1011
Red Ø3mm 150 L1-L12 1216.1012
Transparent Ø3mm 150 L1-L12 1216.1013
Grey Ø3mm 150 L1-L12 1216.1014
Yellow Ø3mm 150 L1-L12 1216.1017
Green Ø3mm 150 L1-L12 1216.1018

Max LED height = 2.1mm

  • General Remarks and Technical Data
  • General Remarks
  • Technical Data LEDs
  • Material - Housing: PC Black UL94
  • Material - Light Guide: PUR
  • Material - Lens: PC Clear UL94 / for 1216.1013 PMMA UL94
  • Ambient Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  • ESD Protection: <12kV

Flexible Light Guide