These two differently-formatted variations of light guide supports are mounted on the PCB via press-in lugs. They will accept both 2000μm fibers and 1000μm fibers with black coating eg they are designed for Ø2.2mm light guides. They should be used with SMD LEDs. The supports act as diaphragms, thus preventing light bleed and allowing the use of mixed colors with optimum optical quality. The support and light guide should be ordered separately and are supplied unassembled. Front panel lenses are available upon request.
Flex-Light Guide

Fibre Length - 1000μm Fibre Part No
100mm 1304.1003
200mm 1304.1004
300mm 1304.1005
  • General Remarks and Technical Data
  • General Remarks
  • Technical Data LEDs
  • Material - Housing: PC Black UL94
  • Material - Light Guide: PMMA
  • Material - Lens: PC Clear UL94
  • Ambient Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  • ESD Protection: <12kV
Flexible Light Guide Mount
Mount for Flexible Light Guide
Mount for Flexible Light Guides
Flexible Light Guide Mount