I recently visited a manufacturer of pedestrian gates used in high security office buildings. They were primarily interested in MENTOR M-Tubes (flexible and rigid tubular lights that deliver homogenous light along their length from just two RGB LEDs fitted either end). These they wanted to use for red and green indicator lights 1M in length, as well as for mood lighting around the plinth of their units.

However, they mentioned in passing their need for a small illuminated sign that would show text (eg “Stop” and “Go”) in different colours such as red and green. For aesthetic as well as space reasons, they needed the different texts to show in exactly the same position. If you think about it, this is not so easy to achieve cost-effectively. How would you do it?!

This is obviously easy to achieve with an LCD display but the cost would have been prohibitive for such a simple application. I was pretty certain that MENTOR could come up with a solution and sure enough they did. Their answer was to use light-frequency filtering film, RGB LEDs and some special MENTOR know-how. They were even kind enough to produce a few demo boxes to illustrate how effectively this works.

Another innovative, cost-effective solution from MENTOR!

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