Siemens is a leading manufacturer of PLC control systems for a wide variety of applications. A recent product is the new Sirius ET200 motor starter, which offers high functionality within a very compact case. In this Case Study, Siemens used a modified version of the miniaturised square Light Guide 1296 from MENTOR.

The square component complements the design of the control system and demonstrates that illuminated status displays don’t always have to be round. Modification of standard products, such as adjusting the length of a light guide, are among MENTOR’s strengths.

Modified Standard Light Guides

With literally hundreds of standard light guide components available, a modified version could suit the needs of your application. For example, altered dimensions can often be provided with minimal or even zero tooling costs and low MOQs. More frequently though, MENTOR and Multitron will work with you to produce a component meeting your specific application requirements.

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