BMW’s M-Class saloon cars are well known for their performance and technical excellence in the premium sector of the sports saloon market (I can confirm this from personal experience!) The “M” is short for BMW’s Motorsports Division and in addition to technology and performance, their sports saloons display design flair with classy interior design touches and eye-catching exterior design features.

For the latest M5, BMW decided to feature illuminated logos on the back of the front headrests. BMW called on MENTOR’s lighting technology expertise – the challenge for MENTOR was to create the perfect-looking logo when it was illuminated and also when the logo was unlit. MENTOR took on the challenge and achieved perfectly homogenous, even illumination whilst still perfectly legible when unlit.

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The Q2 is Audi’s new compact SUV. Audi asked MENTOR to develop a sophisticated lighting solution to create perfectly-even ambient coloured lighting which the driver can select, reflecting their chosen “atmosphere” or current “mood”. The MENTOR solution incorporates intelligent RGB LED modules with an integrated microcontroller, providing dynamically-mixed, LED-coloured light.

The end result is attractive, “mood-enhancing”, completely-homogenous feature lighting. The RGB light source modules are synchronised to create a very consistent and even user-selected colour. The modules also have automatic colour-calibration and a feature of particular note is that when unlit, the surfaces of the LED modules give no indication of their potential to be illuminated. Off-status = undetectable!

More information on the Audi solution…

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