Flexible Light Guides

Press Release: MENTOR’s Flexible Light Guides are an elegant and cost-effective solution for many product design challenges. The Light Guides can also be a very useful workaround when redesigning a product during a mid-life upgrade cycle

Made from PU, the Light Guides are extremely flexible – they can literally be tied into knots and the light will still shine through.

The Flexible Light Guides feature a simple Push-fit and a Low MOQ of just one piece. Designed for use with SMD TOPLEDS, the Light Guides fit into a Polycarbonate housing which is held in place on the PCB with two press-in lugs. As standard, a transparent lens is supplied.

Many options including customisation are offered. MENTOR offers solutions for SMD and THT LEDs with 1000 μm, 2000 μm and 3000 μm fibres. Coloured lenses are available as are custom lengths.

“How to find the ideal LED Light Guide for the Application” – the Multitron Light Guide Microsite is designed to help Electronic Design Engineers easily identify the ideal Light Guide for the application.

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