The nattily-named 1216.1013 MENTOR flexible light guide was missed off Farnell’s major expansion of MENTOR light guide listings this Spring. Rumour has it that this is because someone at Multitron (I honestly cannot say who but yes I do write the listings), mistyped the part number. Why MENTOR can’t give them names such as Mondeo or Fiesta or something I really do not know!

Anyway, this MENTOR flexible light guide is a really useful component especially when Engineers need to adapt designs half-way through a product life cycle. There are indeed many uses for it. Consequently, I have fought tooth and nail to get it listed retrospectively. If you are a Farnell customer, it will be on their site next week under Farnell order code 2357787. Alternatively, Multitron or one of its sub-distributors will be pleased to assist. Another innovative, cost-effective solution from MENTOR.


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