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Audi Q2 interior lighting that the driver can select to reflect the currently-preferred ambience

Audi has been one of the most innovative and successful brands in the premium automobile and sports car segment for many years. The latest vehicle to come out of Ingolstadt is the Audi Q2, the new compact SUV. Its sophisticated RGB coloured lighting solution from MENTOR creates perfect ambient lighting which the driver can set to reflect their current “mood”. Intelligent RGB LED modules, complete with an integrated microcontroller, provide dynamically-mixed, LED-coloured light to create attractive, completely-homogenous feature lighting. The RGB light sources are perfectly synchronised to create a very consistent user-selected colour. Key features include automatic colour-calibration for a homogenous effect as well as the fact that when unlit, the surface gives no indication of its potential to be illuminated. Off-status = undetectable! Download the MENTOR Custom Product Lighting catalogue (PDF)

Grohe Blue Home: Illuminated control knob for an intelligent water system, displaying the water output - chilled, sparkling, still etc

Modern products are becoming increasingly multi-functional, incorporating ever-growing intelligence. A good example is the innovative Blue Home intelligent water supply system from Grohe, one of the leading manufacturers of high quality bath and kitchen fittings. The Grohe Blue Home is an intelligent system that transforms simple water into filtered, chilled, still, medium or sparkling water. It is nevertheless simple and intuitive to use. MENTOR has developed (and manufactured in its entirety) a fully-custom illuminated solution which combines an attractive lighting effect for the ergonomic control knob with a functional colour-code to signal the selected type of water – blue for cool, green for sparkling etc. Download the MENTOR Custom Product Lighting catalogue (PDF)

MENTOR’s achievement in delivering totally homogenous light around 360° of varying radii, using just two LED light sources is truly impressive

Vorwerk produces high-quality products such as the Kobold vacuum cleaner and the smart kitchen appliance Thermomix®. The newest feature of the TM5, the state-of-the-art version of the Thermomix, is the Cook-Key, which uses WiFi to connect with the Cookidoo online recipe portal. The intelligent food mixer allows users to weigh, chop, blend, mix, grind, grate, cook, steam, whisk and knead, all within one compact machine. Vorwerk insists on using components of the highest quality, and it relied on MENTOR’s expertise for the development and manufacture of the integrated light guide system. Using just two LEDs, a perfectly homogeneous, green circumferential light ring confirms the current operational status to the user - for example the successful download of their chosen recipes. Download the MENTOR Custom Product Lighting catalogue (PDF)

Custom product lighting for an intelligent food mixer by Thermomix

Temperature regulator indicators using miniature, flat light guides

Dixell, part of the US Emerson Climate Technologies Group, is a world-leading Italian manufacturer of temperature regulators. For the XWeb-Modul T620T-100W0 regulator product, a very flat, customised light guide was developed by MENTOR to act as a backlit status indicator. Download the MENTOR Custom Product Lighting catalogue (PDF)

Backlit status indicator on Dixell's temperature regulator

Functional and attractive accent lighting for beverage dispensers

Kärcher, market leader in pressure cleaners, has expanded its product range to include beverage systems. The Kärcher WPD 100, 200 and 600 water dispensers incorporate a custom lighting solution developed by MENTOR - two LEDs to provide a visual hot water indication combined with attractive "accent" lighting. Download the MENTOR Custom Product Lighting catalogue (PDF)

Functional accent lighting for Kärcher water dispensers

Accent lighting for hot drink vending machines

Crane Merchandising Systems has manufactured high-quality and technologically-advanced drink, snack and confectionery dispensers for over 80 years. Crane's Autobar (Pelican Rouge) range incorporates MENTOR M-Tube flexible light guides, producing subtle lighting effects which complement the modern design of the drink dispenser. Download the MENTOR Custom Product Lighting catalogue (PDF)

Accent lighting for Crane vending machines

Front and rear lights on a state-of-the-art concept bike

BASF, in partnership with the design studio DING3000, has developed a state-of-the-art concept bike, inspired by design trends from 1865 (the year in which BASF was founded). The bike is made from cutting-edge BASF plastics and the front and rear lights were developed by MENTOR, demonstrating the advantages of flexible light guides. Download the MENTOR Custom Product Lighting catalogue (PDF)

Custom front and rear bike lights

Miniature light guides for under-sink water heaters

Clage is a manufacturer of instantaneous water heaters and its MCX range of small water heaters incorporates specially-developed MENTOR light guides. The light guides have a special reflective coating, just one millimetre thick, allowing the illuminated status display to be clearly visible, even in the confined spaces found under kitchen sinks. Download the MENTOR Custom Product Lighting catalogue (PDF)

Miniature light guides for an under-sink water heater

Attractive and functional lighting for sanitary products

Light can be used as a design element, combining "ambience" with function. The innovative WC module Monolith Plus from Geberit demonstrates how light can be both functional mood-creating. The award-winning WC design features an elegant base unit made of glass and brushed aluminium, available in two heights, compatible with Geberit Monolith washbasins. It offers simple, quick installation with minimal disruption. MENTOR's solution incorporates a reflective coating which provides very even, homogeneous light. A "pulsing" effect provides a visual indication of the fan function. Download the MENTOR Custom Product Lighting catalogue (PDF)

Attractive and functional lighting for sanitary products

Light guides incorporating 200,000 micro-prisms

The Busch-MasterLight® is an innovative light developed for entrance doors, offering cutting-edge design, combined with practical functionality and very even, high-quality light. MENTOR ‘s low-profile, custom light guides incorporate 200,000 computer-configured micro-prisms, providing perfectly homogeneous and highly-directional light distribution. Download the MENTOR Custom Product Lighting catalogue (PDF)

Custom light guides developed for entrance doors

Reflective and refractive wall light optics

Busch-Jaeger has 130 years' experience in the design and manufacture of electrical products. A MENTOR custom solution was required for the Ambiente and Orientierung wall light systems, which feature Busch-iceLight® modules, designed by Hadi Teherani. The MENTOR solution uses a modular system incorporating reflective and refractive optics. Download the MENTOR Custom Product Lighting catalogue (PDF)

Reflective wall light optics with Busch-iceLight® modules

Light guide solutions for a concept refrigerator

BASF selected the innovative MENTOR Illuminant M–Tube flex to incorporate into its Coolpure 1.0 concept fridge. The highly-flexible M-Tube material offers a wide range of illumination options and can be cut to suit any application requirement. Download the MENTOR Custom Product Lighting catalogue (PDF)

Flexible M-Tube light guides for a concept fridge

Indicator lights for coin-operated products

Standardwerk Eugen Reis GmbH designs and manufactures coin-operated slot machines and many other types of coin-related equipment. MENTOR worked closely with Reis to design, develop and manufacture the light panels for the PMMA range. Download the MENTOR Custom Product Lighting catalogue (PDF)

Indicator lights for slot machines

Square light for the Sirius ET200 motor starter from Siemens

Siemens is one of the world's leading providers of modern PLC control systems for a very wide variety of applications. A current example is the new Sirius ET200 motor starter, which provides high functionality within very compact dimensions. Siemens used a customised version of the miniaturised square Light Guide 1296 from MENTOR. It suits the straightforward design of the control system perfectly and demonstrates that illuminated status displays don’t always have to be round. Customisation of standard products, such as adjusting the length of a Light Guide, are among MENTOR's strengths and in many cases the customisation can be implemented with zero or low tooling costs.

Siemens PLC Control System

Data connection, transmission and performance indicator lights for Kromek's networked radiation detector

Kromek is an Anglo-American radiation detection solutions Group that provides digital colour x-ray/ gamma ray detection and imaging systems, enabling direct materials identification in the security screening, civil nuclear and medical imaging markets. Multitron worked closely with Kromek to specify an especially manufactured customised dimension of MENTOR Light guide 1293.1400 that provides clearly-defined status indication for its Discreet Dual Detector (D3S), an agile, cloud augmented network combining fixed and portable sensors, providing significant defensive capability against the threat of nuclear terrorism for the US government.

Radiation detection front panel

Rugged optoelectronic status displays for crane control

HBC-Radiomatic is a leading manufacturer of electronic controls for cranes and handling equipment. HBC selected optoelectronic components from MENTOR's standard ranges for the Spectrum 1 and Spectrum 2 radio-controlled products. The MENTOR opto components indicate power and battery status using a powerful, clearly-visible light source.

Rugged optoelectronic status displays for crane control

Light guides for fibre converter products 2000 has over 20 years of experience in network and data communications, developing solutions for voice and data transmission. The 2000 UPO ISDN-over-fibre converter incorporates MENTOR's light guide 1296er series. The light guides offer a high-quality light source, providing a very clear network status indication.

Light guides for fibre converter products

Custom-manufactured light guides for digital systems

ASTRO specialises in solutions for digital systems and full-service network solutions. ASTRO incorporated MENTOR custom-manufactured light guides into their product ranges. The MENTOR light guides shown here are manufactured to custom dimensions and are IP68 certified, providing a waterproofing capability of up to one meter depth.

Custom-manufactured light guides

Waterproof light guides for servo controllers

Moog GmbH is a manufacturer of high-quality servo controllers and with this high-quality in mind, Moog chose MENTOR's IP 68-rated 1282 light guides. The servo controllers do not really need to be waterproof, but MENTOR's light guides provide the required quality assurance. The image shows a unit that has been in use underwater for over a year.

Waterproof light guides

Bright, even and easy-to-read illumination for dashboard control panels

Inomatic GmbH specialises in PCB-based control systems for automotive, automation and industrial markets. Inomatic specified standard MENTOR Illuminated Switch Caps for their range of ambulance control panels to provide clear, perfectly even illumination, particularly important when working in high-stress, emergency situations.

Bright illumination for dashboard control panels

Pushbutton switch caps with individual identification symbols

Inperio Systems GmbH designs and manufactures a telematics product which incorporates six MENTOR 2271 series pushbutton switch caps. The caps feature individual identification labels, featuring graphic symbols relating to the function of each button.

Pushbutton switch caps with individual identification symbols

Rugged aluminium case handles

KKC is a manufacturer of robust cases for use in professional markets, offering a high-quality, rugged construction. With this high level of quality in mind, KKC selected handles from MENTOR's standard ranges of folding and fixed aluminium handles.

Rugged aluminium case handles

Custom buttons for audio equipment applications

Sennheiser, a worldwide manufacturer of high-quality audio products, incorporated custom buttons from MENTOR in their EM 9046 range of multichannel-receiver equipment. The buttons were black-lacquered and featured lasered symbols to indicate clearly the various audio functions of the receiver.

Custom buttons for audio equipment

High-quality rotating buttons for audio receivers

The Sennheiser EM 3732 COM-II multichannel receiver is a high-end audio product which required high-quality rotating control buttons. Sennheiser selected knobs from MENTOR's top-of-the-range product series, providing the user with a positive, tactile feel and clear illumination.

Rotating buttons for audio receivers

Aluminum rotating knobs for audio systems

Funk Tonstudiotechnik designs and manufactures analogue and digital audio equipment for professional studio use. High-precision controls were required for the AMX-V pre-amplifier, and Funk selected aluminium rotating knobs from MENTOR's standard ranges. MENTOR's use of high-quality materials combined with a classic design ensures a visually pleasing, ergonomic and tactile end-user experience.

Aluminum rotating knobs for Funk Tonstudiotechnik

Precision analogue voltage control

Iseg Spezialelektronik GmbH specialises in the design and manufacture of high-voltage generators for industrial and research markets. For the NHQ Ein-/Zweikanal HV-Modul products, Iseg chose analogue rotating knobs from MENTOR's standard product ranges. The knob incorporates a precision potentiometer to accurately select the chosen voltage.

Precision analogue voltage controls

Aluminium knob for an electronic guitar sound pedal

Crushsound's "Farmer's Mill" is a guitar-effect sound pedal which they claim "can make you sound like Jimi Hendrix!" The sound pedal has been developed in conjunction with the designers of Le 2 Workshop and to ensure that the end-product's looks matched the sound quality, they specified stylish aluminium knobs from MENTOR's standard knob range. Checkout the effects it can achieve HERE

Aluminium knob for a guitar sound pedal

Plastic adjustment knobs for microphone pre-processor modules

EXOR Modushop designs and customises electronic enclosures for many different product applications. To complement the elegant design of the HAM microphone pre-processor modules, Exor selected MENTOR's standard plastic knobs, which feature integrated pointer dials.

Plastic adjustment knobs

Plastic knob systems for air conditioning equipment

REMKO GmbH & Co KG designs and manufactures air conditioning equipment. The temperature adjustment knob was selected from one of MENTOR's standard knob systems. It has a collet fixing and the cap is custom-made by MENTOR to REMKO's specific requirements.

Plastic knobs for a microphone