If you are currently involved in the emergency manufacture of medical equipment and urgently need components, we may be able to assist. One of MENTOR’s great strengths is that they always carry high stocks of standard parts.

As a large, hugely successful but privately owned company, they have the agility to make something happen immediately. Also, during their 100-year history they have established many product categories including light guides, opto, knobs, handles, keypad components, switches etc.

We have already been able to assist with several urgent UK enquiries, both from newly-formed major manufacturing consortia and established OEMs. We were able to source from our substantial Germany-based stock and UK buffer stock. Where necessary we suggested suitable alternatives, or even topped-up from distributors’ stock to make the required numbers. We then shipped thousands of parts overnight from Germany direct to the UK manufacturer.

If you have an emergency component requirement, we shall be pleased to go the extra mile to find a fast solution, taking an altruistic approach. Our contribution is minimal, but it is good to know that our experience and resources can help others who are valiantly racing to make machines that will save lives.

General Product Availability Update

You will not be alone in having concerns about keeping your business running in these difficult times. Please be advised that currently MENTOR is fully operational with regard to the supply of standard stocked parts, although some aspects of their operation are especially challenging. Multitron is also fully operational, as is our loyal UK logistics partner Bray Solutions who are committed to continue to provide a full service (with appropriate revised procedures) for as long as this is possible. Multitron appreciates this commitment.

MENTOR have a track record of holding high levels of stock of thousands of standard parts. This stock remains available but is subject to potential problems with third-party logistics chains or other operational issues. If you are aware of a future requirement or indeed have a scheduled order with us, it would be prudent to order/pull-in now and even double the quantity, as long as you are sure to have further future needs. Multitron is available to assist you seven days a week.

There may be increased delivery times in the coming weeks and in addition, the price of gold has risen and at this point in time we cannot foresee what effects this will have. Please be assured that we are constantly scrutinising how the supply chains can be maintained and looking to minimise any subsequent costs. Naturally, we are doing everything we can to keep prices stable. MENTOR have a very good track record, thanks to careful forward-planning of raw material ordering.

Multitron / MENTOR Coronavirus Health & Safety Policy

It goes without saying that both Multitron and MENTOR put individual’s health & safety above all business priorities – please read our Coronavirus Policy.

Specialist Advice

Contact Multitron’s MD, Duncan Grove for an informal discussion and specialist advice. He is available to assist seven days a week.

Duncan Grove
DDI tel no +44 203 475 2611 / dg@multitron.co.uk

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