MENTOR R&D. Corona and rim - contour lighting light guides.

MENTOR’s R&D guys always complain that they are too busy to take-on any more customer-specific projects (but they always do)!  I don’t reckon they can be that busy because in their “spare time” they have come up with two very interesting light guide developments, namely corona and contour light guides.  If I told you more I would have to shoot you but I am allowed to show you these images.

The Corona light guides are illustrated illuminating BNC and test jack connectors.  In order to develop the concept further, MENTOR would like to work alongside a company who needs this type of illumination in order to ensure that application-specific requirements are met.  (Personally, I can also see a lot of interest in this from Pro-Audio customers wanting to circular illumination around knobs as well as connectors.)

The contour / rim light guides are illustrated illuminating a keyhole, which is an intriguing addition to the contour lighting proposition.  How does MENTOR deliver the light to a keyhole on a door that opens and shuts?  Call or e-mail me and I shall explain!  However, this contour / rim lighting has dozens of other applications and we are looking for a potential customer with whom we can cooperate in developing this proven concept into a final product.

If either of these developments has relevance to your own needs, please contact me for an informal discussion.  Duncan Grove, MD, Multitron Ltd. Tel:+44 203 475 2610; e-mail:-


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