Press Release:- Miniature, half-pitch light-guides from MENTOR GmbH.

Multitron has announced the availability of a new range of MENTOR miniature light-guides with radiating surfaces of 2mm diameter and a grid dimension of 2.54mm. Compared with conventional 5.08mm grid light-guides, these new miniaturised versions allow twice the number of display elements within the same physical width. This offers design engineers a whole new range of possibilities, particularly when space is restricted.

Read our updated 2018 information here.

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Multitron attends the Electronics Design Show 2013.

On 2 & 3 October, the “MENTOR from Multitron” stand at the Electronics Design Show 2013 in Coventry was thronging with the type of people we like speaking with most – Electronic Design Engineers! During two hectic days we were able to enjoy dialogue with many Engineers and brief them on how MENTOR’s standard and custom solutions can assist at the inception of a product.

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