MENTOR R&D. Corona and rim - contour lighting light guides.

MENTOR R&D Development – Corona & Contour / Rim Lighting light guides. An opportunity to work alongside MENTOR.

MENTOR’s R&D guys always complain that they are too busy to take-on any more customer-specific projects (but they always do)!  I don’t reckon they can be that busy because in their “spare time” they have come up with two very interesting light guide developments, namely corona and contour light guides.  If I told you more I would have to shoot you but I am allowed to show you these images.

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Mentor Electronic Components

This is a short 1m 47 sec video detailing MENTOR’s near 100 year legacy and its unique competencies in many areas of electronic components, especially opto. It is a trailer for the full movie which runs for 11m 11 secs. We did warn you (!) but actually it does a good job of explaining what MENTOR is all about.

Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Show 2014

It was a bit of a strange Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Exhibition this year!  Multitron were there supporting our sub-distributors Diamond and Foremost but on the first day it was a very frightening experience.  The exhibition is held in a truly massive marquee construction (seems to be the size of Earls Court 2) and I wish it had been held there instead!

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Visit to MENTOR’s HQ

I have just returned from a visit to MENTOR’s Erkrath (near Dusseldorf) HQ and as always I left feeling enthused and genuinely proud to be associated with such a fine company. A superficial observation perhaps but wherever I went I saw smart, clean, modern and tidy Design and Admin offices, nothing ostentatious but clearly well-invested.

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