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The new microsite includes 50 new handles added in 2017 to MENTOR's range of Chrome, Plastic, Aluminium and Steel Handles, the majority being available ex-stock and at low MOQs.
MENTOR is the world’s largest manufacturer of high quality industrial, enclosure and equipment handles and knobs. Their eclectic selection offers elegant and functional solutions for any application requiring a handle. It includes hundreds of plastic (some two-component), anodised aluminium, chrome, steel and stainless steel variants to choose from, all with multiple size options.
See a quick overview of the range from the rolling thumbnails on the new microsite and then drill down to the engineering detail:
  Plastic Handles

These handles are made using a single-plastic or two-plastic construction, offering single-colour or two-colour options. MENTOR’s plastic handles are cost-effective, versatile and easy to install. They are designed for different load capacities and versions for high temperature requirements are offered. More...
  Aluminium Handles

The characteristics of aluminium - lightness, strength and a high-quality surface finish- make it an ideal material for many handle applications. MENTOR's wide range of standard aluminum handles include equipment handles, bow-type handles, fingertip handles, folding handles and handle systems. More...
  Chromium Plated Steel Handles

Handles made of steel are ideal for high bearing loads and are suitable for pulling, pushing, and lifting actions in equipment and machinery applications. Options include fixed and folding types, black plastic hand grips and a choice of chromium plated or black anodised versions. Many new handle type are available. More...
  Stainless Steel Handles

If elegant design, high strength, chemical resistance or food hygiene are important in your product design, then stainless steel handles are a very good solution. MENTOR's standard range offers handles made of round or flat oval stainless steel, folding handles and a handle system. Many new versions are available. More...
  Recessed, Folding & Strap Handles

A wide range of recessed, “tray”, folding and carrying handles are offered, made of different materials and profiles: plastic recessed handles, plastic folding handles, aluminium, or mixed plastic/aluminium handles, and spring-loaded handles.Space-saving, and ergonomic, they are suitable for high carrying loads. More...
  Prop-Up / Flip-Up Carrying Handles

Easy to assemble and stable in use, these carrying and prop-up handles are made from a mix of plastic and aluminium or steel. Non-slip elements are available as an option – MENTOR’s prop-up carrying handles make a robust and cost-effective solution for devices, enclosures and industrial equipment applications. More...
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Established in 1920, MENTOR GmbH is an extremely successful, self-funded and highly-invested company with legendary standards of efficiency. It has 600 employees and is German headquarted with additional substantial manufacturing facilities in Germany, Poland and Tunisia.

Standard stocked parts encompass opto and light guides, handles, knobs, switches, sensors etc. Around 50% of turnover comes from MENTOR innovatively fulfilling customer-specific requirements from design to finished component, all in-house and very cost-effectively.

Opto design and manufacture is a core and world-leading MENTOR competency and they are 1st tier suppliers to many major auto companies.

This experience has resulted in MENTOR developing unique skills; they are able to virtually design optics and take these to in-house production without the need for prototyping. Many non-automotive companies are now exploiting these capabilities.

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Multitron Ltd was established in January 2012 with substantial support from MENTOR. Its management has a 20-year track record of assisting Design Engineers with MENTOR solutions.

Multitron is MENTOR's sole agent in the UK & ROI and is also contracted to represent MENTOR to major global "catalogue-based" distributors and OEMs. Its three main objectives are:
  • Assist Design Engineers to successfully identify and exploit the many elegant design solutions that can be found within the broad range of MENTOR standard and semi-custom components.
  • Managing "Total Solution" projects that allow OEMs to benefit from MENTOR's unique combination of opto and electronic design expertise, coupled with legendarily efficient in-house manufacturing competence.
  • The efficient management of MENTOR's supply chain to major global catalogue-based distributors and OEMs.
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